Tour Opening Night in Floyd - Friday, June 10, 5-8pm Floyd Artisan Trail

over 45 trail sites in the heart
   of the Blue Ridge Mountains


  For information during the tour - visit  the Jacksonville Center for the Arts (Site #22) or The Floyd Visitor Center - downtown Floyd across from the county Courthouse (#38)  for information, brochure and map, and updated daily schedule. 

To view all Artisan Trail Tour Sites visit the

   Tour Participants and Map page



All 38 sites are open ALL tour hours Fri/Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-5

Below are special Demos & Offers on-going throughout the 2015 June Tour:

             (updates and additions will continue until tour dates.) 




Artisan Studios


#2  Calico & Old Lace
Free motion Machine Quilting demonstrations


#3 Deberosa Gourd Crafts

Gourd crafting demos ongoing


#5 Gretchen St. Lawrence 

Daily Demos


#6 Marsha Slopey Paulekas' Studio painting demos

Studio clearance sale-

Many original paintings marked down to $300 or less! 
Carolyn is ready for letting go of the old and making space for the new!

#7 Paintings by Joli Ayn Wood 

Painting works in progress


#8 Phoenix Hardwoods
Woodworking demos every day. Picnic by the river!

#9 Poor Farm Pottery - Seth Guzovsky & Andrea Denniston  
Ongoing pottery demos


#10  Red Sheep workshop

Large-scale mosaic work in progress, goat kids & lambs for folks to pet and tastings


#12 Teri's Clay Smiles - Teri Walters
Daily femo clay demos and mini classes by Teri & guild members. 

Create your own souvenir in a "make & take it" activity.


 #13 Things by Ernest Bryant

Two sites during tour. 1.Home studio at Lick Ridge: Sales, exhibits, studio tour,

plus a stroll through the "Wood Zoo" Exotic Wood Garden.

Site 2: "Pine Springs" Open House (1145 Meadowview Run Rd., Copper Hill) 1860's farm house featuring

cabinetry, woodwork and carvings by Ernest, including a Medical Library, living room, kitchen & dining room.


#15 Wrenpottery Studio
Demonstrations in throwing, carving & decorating work. 


Galleries & Shops :   


#16 Bell Gallery & Garden


         Daily craft & art demonstrations. Plant & Herb Sale


#17 Floyd Artists Association Gallery

Demos daily.  


#21 St. Pierre Woodworking & Sawmill-Tours 


#23 Old Church Gallery 
           Early musical history of Floyd County 


 #22 The Jacksonville Center for the Arts
         on-going workshops and demos. Hayloft Gallery & Breezeway Gallery ooen.



Farms & Farm Markets


 #26  Broadened Horizons Organic Farm - 
Farm Tours, skill sharing & demos


#25 Appalachian Medicinal Herb Growers Consortium - Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine (BRCCM) 

Ongoing Herb Garden walks. Herbs for sale, teas to refresh body, mind & spirit. Scheduled events listed. 


#27  Ocotilla's Mountainside Alpacas

  Farm tours, interactions with alpacas; discussions of alpaca qualities, ownership & products.  


#28  Riverstone Organic Farm   Visit our working farm for tour 2pm on Saturday.walk along the wooded nature trail  The farm store open.  Saturday samples of grasss fed meats & home made jams.  

#3o Specialty Garden Design - Sales, tours, talks.


#31 Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary
Saturday, June 13, 1pm  - talk by Gunther Hauk on "Current state of the Honeybee".  Visit the bees & farm tours daily.


 #32 Wildwood Daylily Farm & General Store
  Daylily Garden Seminar from 2-3pm on Friday, Live Bluegrass Saturday 7-9pm 


Eat & Sleep


#33 Floyd Country Store - Jingle Tap Cafe'

Offering to pack picnic lunches for tour folks


#36  Red Rooster Coffee Roaster
Free Tastings  daily. Will NOT be open on Sunday 




     Tour Activities

      for each day:
NOTE: These are TIME-SPECIFIC activities during tour. ALL SITES ARE OPEN ALL TOUR HOURS)

Friday, June 12




 #25 Appalachian Medicinal Herb Growers & BR Chinese Medicine Ctr

   1:00pm - herb garden tour

   2:30pm - Community auricular acupuncture session


 #32 Wildwood Farm 


    Daylily Garden Seminar 


#20 Republic of Floyd

4-7pm   wine tasting wines from 

Beliveau Estates

Saturday, June 14


#25 Appalachian Medicinal Herb Growers & BR Chinese Medicine Ctr

   1:00pm  - Herb Garden Tour

 2:30pm - Community auricular acupuncture session



 #31  Spikenard Farm

      Honeybee Sanctuary 


 talk by Gunther Hauk 

  "Current State of the Honeybee"


#28 Riverstone Organic Farm 

 2:00pm - Farm Tour 

#32 Wildwood Farm & General Store


Live Bluegrass

Sunday, June 15



#25 Appalachian Medicinal Herb Growers & BR Chinese Medicine Ctr

   1:00pm  - Herb Garden Tour

 2:30pm - Community auricular acupuncture session